Creative, artisanal, futuristic: the intelligence of Lineapelle 103

At the fair, from 20 to 22 February, three projects translate Lineapelle’s three declinations of intelligence into practice. The creative one with the novelty of this edition is Lineapelle Interiors. The artisan one, with Act II of In the Making and the futuristic one, with the return of the Science-Based Fashion Talks


At a time when all we talk about is artificial intelligence, along comes Lineapelle 103, which highlights the three declinations of its intelligence. In order: creative, artisanal, and futuristic. Three fronts of business and sector cultural insights (in the broadest sense of fashion, luxury, and design) deny nothing to AI but want to make it clear that the human factor remains and will remain a fundamental evolutionary tool. In order to do this, the Milan trade fair proposes three real special events from 20 to 22 February.

Creative intelligence

The first declination calls for a Lineapelle mission. That is: “To promote and enhance Italian leather in the interior design sector through styling and product development actions, activating collaborative connections with the world of Italian and international design and architecture”. Translation (at Hall 24): Lineapelle Designers Edition. First act: Leather Duets. This is “a business culture exhibition staging a sequence of installations: duets, each presenting the realisation of an exclusive leather design project shared between a made-in-Italy leather manufacturer and a furniture company.

A path linked by a thematic fil rouge that leads the semi-finished product to become international excellence, passing through its transformation into a high-end finished product”. In order: Manifattura di Domodossola with Nalesso; Accoppiature Mistral with Mantellassi 1926; Conceria Gaiera with CierreEsse; Conceria Montebello with Studioart; Gruppo Mastrotto with Kreoo. Click here to discover all the details of Lineapelle Interiors / Leather Duets. 

Artisanal intelligence

Back at Lineapelle 103 In The Making. Its Act II is “a multidisciplinary space in which to experiment with leather in its various declinations, passing through dreamlike environments or putting oneself to the test with workshops conducted by leading figures in the sector”. Organised by Lineapelle and directed by Giorgio Linea, In The Making is “business, meetings, training. Students, designers, industry professionals, and foreign delegations will be able to participate each day in eight technical workshops of 45 minutes each, led by industry professionals and partner companies in the project.

Participants will be able to learn how to concretely create objects and decorative elements, customise accessories, come into direct contact with the raw material, and appreciate its ductility. In the Making Act II, it will also mean “crossing the threshold of the imagination and entering another dimension, estranged from the trade fair context: Capriccio, Leather Experience is the name of the multi-sensory path that will welcome participants”. To register for the workshops click here.

Future Intelligence

Thirty speakers and five workshops. At Lineapelle 103, the vision of the green future of the supply chain is back under the microscope of the Science-Based Fashion Talks. Organised by Lineapelle in collaboration with SPIN360, a consultancy company for the development of sustainable business models and innovative solutions, the Science-Based Fashion Talks will attempt to respond to the growing demands of science and consumers sensitive to sustainability.

The workshops scheduled from 20 to 22 February will focus on five topics: The EU deforestation regulation no. 1115/2023 and the traceability challenge in the bovine leather supply chain; Fashion sustainability: scientific evolution, legislative and market trends; Circularity in the leather supply chain; Ecodesign in fashion; Decarbonisation strategies and carbon neutrality. To participate, you must register by clicking here.

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