Grey and yellow, hope and strength: Pantone gets double for 2021

Grey and yellow, hope and strength: Pantone gets double for 2021

Their names are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. They demonstrate that, “combining different elements, you can express a message of hope and strength unchanged through time”

The Pantone Color Institute is the highest authority for colours in the world. Among their activities, they manage a rigorous and shared colour classification and the production of their identification system. Every year, they indicate the tone that, in the following 12 months, will be the common denominator for several sectors. First of all: fashion and design. For 2021, they are launching a double proposal, subverting their custom, in some ways. We don’t have only one colour of the year, but two. They are doing this to send a message of “hope and strength“.

17-5104 and 13-0647

Codes might have little meaning. Therefore, find their practical use. Colours for 2021 are a grey, labelled as PANTONE 17-5104, and a yellow, labelled as PANTONE 13-0647. Their names are charming: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. They represent “the proof that, combining different elements with each other, you can send out a message of hope and strength, which remains unchanged through time”, Leatrice Eiseman says, the Executive Director at Pantone Color Institute (source:”.

Hope and strength

In other words, “the union of an Ultimate Gray persisting unaltered through time and of a thrilling Illuminating yellow expresses a message of positivity, supported by a sense of perseverance“. The double Pantone for 2021, thus, does not really respond to the current wish for a renewed normality. It tries, instead, to combine hope and strength. “We need to feel encouraged and lifted; this is something essential for the human mind”.