What’s the right colour of your future?

What’s the right color of your future?

We posed the question to our social media community, involving them into a virtual discussion regarding colors. This gave us an idea of what tones are coloring their thoughts and hopes

It was an open, if not very open question: what’s the right colour for your future? We asked our social media community, specifically those that follow and interact with Lineapelle on Instagram. That’s about 16,000 followers. Some left a comment and many simply gave their preference; that’s how we managed to get an idea of the preferred tones. This tells us that a color isn’t simply a tool for the fashion industry, but that it actually represents a way to live life.

What’s the right colour of your future

In the end, 6 colors were preferred over the others. In order: green, blue, pink, orange, red and white. We decided to create some stories and have them compete: these were the results. Between green and blue 67% chose the latter, which wasn’t surprising also given the current period we find ourselves in. 68% chose pink, when the colour competed against orange, while red won against white with 64% of the votes. There appears to be a reflective component that fits into the idea of passion, and yet is mitigated by the romantic tone of the color pink.

What you said

With regards to the colour pink, jogill_designermaker’s commented; “(the future, Editor’s note, ) would have to be pink, it’s such an uplifting colour. It still has resonance at both the cooler or warmer ends of the spectrum a the same goes if it is muted or vibrant”. label88 on the other hand wrote: “Should be green but at the moment in love with red”.