Terra Carta: Italian leather and Prince Charles’ endorsement

It is called Terra Carta and it is the manifesto of SMI – Sustainable Markets Initiative, a green dissemination project launched by His Royal Highness Charles of England. A programmatic document that works to co-opt within it the most attentive and proactive private and associative subjects in the green field. Since last December, UNIC – Concerie Italiane has also been a member, by invitation


On 17 December 2021 SMI – Sustainable Markets Initiative (a project launched by His Royal Highness Charles of England) published online the updated list of supporters of Terra Carta, its manifesto. UNIC – Concerie Italiane is among them, having accepted the invitation to join. The result is important because it not only represents a high-profile endorsement. It is important because it is the result of a heated debate that arose during the days (at the beginning of November) of COP26 between the tanners and those who relentlessly try to denigrate and mystify leather and its circular identity. For example Stella McCartney. And because it offers Italian leather a new means of communicating its constant sustainable upgrading.

The endorsement of Prince Charles

UNIC has been welcomed into the group of almost 500 signatories (there are 470 as we write this post) of Terra Carta. The team cuts across manufacturing and service sectors, is made up mainly of Anglo-Saxon players and has signed up to a “recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation“. A process “that will harness the precious and irreplaceable power of nature combined with transformative innovation and the resources of the private sector”, the Prince of Wales explains in a note.

Like Magna Carta

“Taking its name from the historic Magna Carta,” it reads online, “which inspired belief in people’s fundamental rights and freedoms over 800 years ago, Terra Carta aims to bring people and the planet together. The goal: “To give fundamental rights and values to Nature, ensuring a lasting impact and a tangible legacy for this generation”. To achieve this, the initiative identifies and co-opts those companies in the private sector that are “leaders in their field”. And that “at the same time have a credible roadmap, therefore backed by recognized scientific data” concerning the green management of their activities.

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