No one has an impact on media like Dior

No one has an impact on media like Dior

The MIV-Media Impact Value index is the machine learning algorithm used by Launchmetrics to evaluate the visibility of brands on social media and the press. The following are their latest findings

Talking about artificial intelligence, in this case the speaker is an algorithm of Machine Learning. It is used by the Launchmetrics consulting agency to elaborate an index called MIV-Media Impact Value. Target: measuring the placement of brands, as far as their impact on media is concerned, and estimating the value of their visibility on social networks and press. Who is winning?

First of all, method

The MIV-Media Impact Value index calculates the value of all marketing activities of fashion houses. It assigns a score to each post, interaction and article. The algorithm analysed 1.600 paper magazines and 8.000 attachments, 40.000 online magazines and blogs, 500.000 social accounts.

Then, the rank

A French house ranks first. Indeed, this is a confirmation. According to Launchmetrics, Dior is the master. After come Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana. Hermès follows.

Data analysis

Business of Fashion points out that Hermès, which is well-known for their quite limited investments in advertisement, could not enter the top 10 neither in Europe nor in the US. Nonetheless, it benefited from high levels of visibility in China, currently a key market for luxury, ranking fifth. On the other hand, Dior, as underlined by Fashion Network, rules crosswise the world map. In other words, they dominate all countries monitored by Launchmetrics. For example: China, Europe and the USA. Chanel, on their side, ranks second in Europe, third in the US and fourth in China. Gucci is keeping the third position, both in Europe and in China, but they have reached the second one in the USA.

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