Shoes, bags, leather, and their American landscapes

La scarpa, la borsa, la pelle e i loro orizzonti americani

A survey, carried out by WGSN, has spotlighted the way the US market has been changing in the days which are already said to be (touch wood, of course) the “post-Covid age”. Focus on accessories and materials they are traditionally made from

The name given to such research project is Post-Covid US Consumer & Retail Landscape. It has been carried out by WGSN, one of the most renowned international hubs specializing in consumers’ trend analysis. They made it public during a meeting event arranged by the Embassy of Italy in Washington. This is the aim of the project: to figure out what action is to be taken, by made in Italy footwear and leather goods, to stick to post-pandemic recovery.

Starting from such specific focus, they have been depicting a remarkably wider scenario. The fashion accessories US consumer landscape and the paramount role of leather, which undoubtedly drives its success.

American landscapes

As regards women’s footwear, WGSN pointed out that, when it comes to shopping, “functionality turns out to be more important than trendiness”. “On the one hand buyers are most keen on handy, durable, and versatile models, such as water-proof boots and trekking sneakers. On the other hand, they fancy trendy models, such as heeled shoes, or more traditional”.

As regards men’s footwear, “in 2022/23 buyers will make their shopping choice in compliance with less is more”, not just because of more limited means, but also (most of all) looking at sustainability. As for leather goods, on the one hand extremely functional samples stand out; on the other hand, small leather goods new items, such as water bottle bags, are becoming popular. Male buyers are a great deal fond of rucksacks and small backpacks, which they make use of for work, every day, as an alternative option to variously shaped briefcases. Leather, however, remains a choice must.

A matter of leather

As reported by WGSN, the prospective outlook for leather accessories is rewarding. Demand for those goods will be considerably driven by the psychological dimension of the purchase, ideally a gift. “Companies are supposed to focus their efforts on special particulars, to be unique, and classic shapes, as the timeless appeal and long-lasting quality of luxury goods are still in the spotlight”.

In other words, leather sticks to its appeal by reason of its top-notch quality and timeless identity. Not to mention, as well, its peculiar ability to be fashionable and natural. In fact, as highlighted by WGSN, in 2020, in the US market, especially in the apparel one, leather proved to hold up more successfully compared to its synthetic imitations.

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