Attracting young people, hiring labour: the great luxury challenge

Hire big, hire fast. The great luxury challenge is not only to manage increased production needs. It is also its direct consequence: mass recruitment of young human resources, trained or to be prepared, to solve the problem of generational labour turnover. Before it is too late


More and more luxury companies are using Tik Tok for their recruitment campaigns, using humour and spontaneity to attract young candidates. Luxury is in desperate need of this. Another tool that is gaining popularity is the creation of a virtual ambassador, an avatar or an influencer capable of managing the employer branding strategy. This is because the big challenge brands are facing these days is attracting new artisans.

The great luxury challenge

Brands have to deal with very sharp scissors. One blade represents the need to increase production to keep up with growing demand. The other blade, on the other hand, identifies the need to replace the thousands of retirements expected in the coming years. So either the necessary generational change arrives, or we will have to consider reducing production. The difficulties in hiring are enormous.

For example, there are fewer people available than in the past due to the declining population, and young people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with manual trades. The labour market has literally exploded in recent months in the fashion system, especially in Italy, and fashion houses are looking for internal recruitment and training solutions. Because the more they sell, the greater the pressure on recruitment. So each group or maison invests heavily in launching its own employer branding initiatives to create engagement in young people, often stealing them away from the competition.


Launched in autumn 2021 at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, ‘Hermès In The Making‘ is continuing its world tour. The initiative showcases Maison’s savoir-faire but is also helpful for “arousing curiosity“, as the brand writes on its website because the intention is also to create artisan vocations. In 2016, the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès created Manufacto – The Skills Factory, a programme designed to bring school students closer to craft trades. Pupils try their hand at making leather or wooden objects, thus exploring the various crafts. At the end of 2022, Hermès announced that it intends to speed up recruitment. In the last ten years, the Maison has already doubled its workforce and currently employs 19,700 people worldwide, 63% of them in France.


In 2022, LVMH hired more than 60,000 people worldwide, including almost 40,000 young people. But it never seems to be enough. This year, the group launched a recruitment plan with over 3,500 job offers in France. Almost three times as many as the 1,200 positions in 2021. To these are added 1,000 in Italy. The French luxury giant’s recruitment campaign is called You and ME, organised by Métiers d’Excellence.

“Never have the recruitment needs of the group’s Maisons been so high,” emphasises Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH’s director of human resources and synergies (source: Journal du Luxe). At the same time, in 2016, the French launched the ‘Inside LVMH‘ initiative. More than 150 events have been carried out so far with schools. In addition, other activities that have recruitment in the background include Les Journées Particulières. Finally, Louis Vuitton, the group’s flagship brand, created, a site that groups all its job offers together.


The luxury group has set its sights on retail, launching its recruitment and training programme entitled ‘Kering Keys Retail‘. It is dedicated to French graduate students (BAC+2 or higher). Contracts will begin in September 2023, and through the training, you will be able to discover more about the world of luxury and ‘gain an in-depth knowledge of our group’, Kering assures.


Prada wants to hire 450 people to increase its production capacity in its Italian factories. And improve the speed to market of its products. For all luxury companies, the imperative is to hire and train. As quickly as possible. Before it is too late.

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