From Fuorisalone to London: design destination for Lineapelle

Lineapelle and UNIC – Concerie Italiane activate an international educational networking programme on the green, innovative and versatile value of Italian leather. Target: interior design professionals. For example, those who took part in the event organised in April during Fuorisalone or the London round table that opened Clerkenwell Design Week


Expanding their horizons for Lineapelle and UNIC – Concerie Italiane means continuously exploring new uses for leathers and materials. It means taking steps to engage, interest, and co-opt new audiences of insiders. Professionals from sectors that (it might seem counterintuitive, yet it is so), especially of leather, in any sense, know very little – for example, architects and designers.

For months now, in fact, an educational networking programme has been running involving the German, American, and Korean interior design worlds, with two events that stand out for their topicality and communicative potential. One took place at the Fuorisalone in Milan in April. Another had London and its Clerkenwell Design Week as its stage.

Design destination for Lineapelle

Sustainability. Circularity. Ductility. The ability to add value to almost unseen worlds and products thanks to the ‘creative technology’ that Italian tanneries apply to their processes and products. Starting from these assumptions, at Spazio Lineapelle, during the Fuorisalone in Milan, Lineapelle presented 17 to 23 April 2023 an installation of leather walls from the Nabucco project. In other words, “a collection of modular walls conceived to accompany every design project with unmistakable Italian style,” reads a note.

“Nabucco highlights the opportunities for application development of made-in-Italy leather for the interior world. Innovative compared to traditional boiserie, it takes shape from a palette of twenty-five colours inspired by Renaissance and Baroque Venetian painting. A chromatic alphabet at the service of architects and interior designers, in an interplay between fashion and architecture”.

From Fuorisalone to London

Chapter Two: London. Lineapelle and UNIC have landed in the City to participate in Clerkenwell Design Week on 23 May 2023. Around 30,000 visitors come to this diffuse festival of design each year, set in the streets and public spaces of Clerkenwell, a London area with a strong creative identity. Here a panel discussion focused on Italian leather was staged entitled: How Leather Contributes to Lowering Carbon Footprints.

Over 100 participants attended an event that defined a new perimeter for the use of Italian leather: less usual if you like and much more oriented towards an extended lifestyle concept. For example, presenting some supply experiences for the outdoor sector. “UNIC and Lineapelle,” we read online, “have started a strategic collaboration with SBID, the Society of British & International Interior Design. The association defines operational parameters and commercial standards for British design. SBID, as it says online, ‘represents interior designers in professional practice’. The doors of interior design are open.

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