Lineapelle’s creative impact colours Seoul with light

The hashtag #doyouthinkyellow found its first direct manifestation in South Korea, in Seoul, where Lineapelle returned in early May. The aim is to propose a series of seminars and round tables to connect creative visions, circular values, and material explorations to a target group that is both broad and very well-defined. Fashion designers, interior designers, automotive and architects. The result? Disruptive


Two days of high-profile networking. An expected return that had a disruptive result in terms of interest and reciprocity of creative stimuli. Lineapelle returned physically and in grand style to Seoul, launching the provocation encapsulated in the hashtag #doyouthinkyellow to its Korean community. That of proposing itself as an instrument of “maximum open-mindedness towards contamination and experimentation, activating creative paths without limits”.

Lineapelle colours Seoul with light

Join the dots. One in particular. Yellow-like light and like the stylistic vision of Lineapelle, which returned to South Korea to promote its creative impact. It did so by organising a series of meetings in which it put the quality of Italian leather on the table (literally and otherwise). Thus, the hashtag #doyouthinkyellow doubled as an invitation and a question to be answered during a series of seminars and round tables aimed at fashion, interior design, automotive and architectural designers. A “new” target audience, as Lineapelle defines it, is “welcomed in reserved situations and in some evocative locations. New designers and a new audience coming from highly evolving sectors’. They were asked to ‘think yellow’, showing how ‘Italian leather is applied to all their professional sectors and how it is an incredibly inspirational tool thanks to the creative technology applied to its production‘.

New Horizons

All the many participants were physically made to wear “a yellow dot” by Lineapelle, suggesting the construction of a renewed creative link between the fair and the Korean market. Not a random choice, given that Seoul is now in the spotlight of all the most important brands of the fashion & design system. The result? ‘We have aroused great attraction and opened up new horizons’. A positive return, then, heralds new creative and business developments.

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