Lineapelle’s Metamorphosis and the hashtag #doyouthinkyellow

The edition of Lineapelle scheduled from 19 to 21 September aims to be an evolutionary vehicle capable of opening up to a ‘multiverse of possibilities, opportunities, relationships’. It will do so through a stylistic proposal based on the Metamorphosis concept and an image that wants to activate “creative paths without limits”. This is how


To go beyond. Redefining one’s nature. Transforming oneself. In extreme synthesis, these are the creative inputs that Lineapelle launches because of the following reference season for the development of materials, accessories and components: winter 2024/2025. We will find them made explicit at Fieramilano Rho from 19 to 21 September, enclosed and exploded in the Metamorphosis concept. In the true sense of the word, we will see them illuminated by the graphics chosen by Lineapelle for its edition number 102. Essential, direct, and open to a “multiverse of possibilities, opportunities, relationships” to be shared in the light of the hashtag #doyouthinkyellow. 

The hashtag #doyouthinkyellow

We start right here. “From the dazzling ray of light” represented by a yellow roundel and which, for Lineapelle, represents “the invitation for its community to discover a present without boundaries of time, space and place. A concentration of energy that opens the door to a new, surprising journey. It is no coincidence that the slogan supporting the image and the call to action #doyouthinkyellow is composed of three adverbs: Everything, Everywhere, Everytime. The message is clear: go beyond how expressing the “maximum mental openness towards contamination and experimentation, activating creative paths without limits”.

The Metamorphosis of Lineapelle

Metamorphosis ‘means,’ explains Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee, ‘meta-form: going beyond one’s own form. It is the transformation of one being or object into another of a different nature’. This is the basis of the upcoming 24/25 winter trends that evolve along three paths: naturalness, sustainability and self-expression. “Tradition is revised with more contemporary artistry. Metamorphosis is an expression of both naturalness and hyper-technical research that leaps towards the future. Hence: evolving materials, new and surprising shapes. For example, thermo-active materials have already appeared on the catwalks’.

Colour exploration

The colour spectrum plays with opposites and expresses “calm, confidence, but also vision, research, exploration. Familiar atmospheres and reassuring chromatic harmonies are awakened by digital flashes,” explains the Lineapelle Fashion Committee, “in a conjugation of the natural and the artificial. Neutral tones linked to the natural colours of materials are back. The ‘non-colour‘ influences styles and “materiality is the protagonist of the season with effects and processing that break up surfaces: dirting, shading, plays of depth. Neutrals are matched with touches of colour, bright shimmers and glitter. While fluo has disappeared a little from the horizon, replaced by dense, energetic tones”.

Low-tech and hi-tech 

Low-tech and hi-tech “meet in games of reliefs, constructions and illusions in volumes, effects and textures that make digital prints three-dimensional but also recall craftsmanship. No-waste solutions are experimented with. There is substantial research in bio-based, sustainable, vegetable or biomass-derived resin components in accessories. Regarding materials, solutions are developed around recycling, for which finishes are sought that make it valuable. Going further is a circular act.

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