Lineapelle’s meta-experimentation for winter 2023/2024

Lineapelle, too, launches a meta-experimentation and immerses itself in the new dimension of virtuality. It does so by creating an exclusive celebratory NFT and constructing, for the samples of its physical Trend Area, a location in the Metaverse. Discover it with us


The last edition of Lineapelle will be remembered for several reasons. It was the edition of an (almost complete) return to normality, despite still navigating in pandemic waters. It was edition number 100, a sign of design longevity of the highest profile and vision. But, it was also an opportunity to launch a necessary meta-experimentation, given the great talk and investment of luxury in a new, more immersive version of virtuality. Obviously, that of the Metaverse and NFT. Let’s see how.

Lineapelle’s meta-experimentation

Let’s start with the NFTs. Lineapelle has produced an exclusive, numbered NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as a gift to all its most loyal exhibitors and buyers for celebratory purposes. An intangible, limited-edition memento represents a sign of recognition and, at the same time, a brand. That of Lineapelle’s desire to walk beside the future. As also demonstrated by its decision to enter the Metaverse.

Diving into upcoming winter trends

The video you can see below is just a taster. An appetiser of Lineapelle’s latest immersive project built in the Metaverse. It is a space where it presents its latest trends and samples that, from 20 to 22 September, populated its Trend Area at Fieramilano Rho. A vision of the present that projects Lineapelle into the future of its Possible Worlds.



The Possible Worlds of Lineapelle

Possible Worlds is the title of the style project that the Lineapelle Fashion Committee has developed for the 2023/24 winter season and presented during the 100th edition of its show. As with every season, it had its usual physical translation in the three Trend Areas displaying the samples developed by Lineapelle’s 1,134 exhibitors. But this time, an extra world was added – the immersive world of the Metaverse.

Welcome to the Lineapelle Metaverse

By clicking here, you can access the virtual rooms created by Lineapelle in the Metaverse. Here, for the next six months, you will be able to move through three spaces where you can virtually discover materials, accessories, and components for winter 2023/24. To enter, you must register (the procedure is quick and intuitive) and create your own avatar. Next step: immerse yourself in the Lineapelle trends. Let the metajourney begin.

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