In Milan and at the fair: the time to make tomorrow bloom is now

Lineapelle launches a significant call to action to its community, opening the doors of its 101st edition, scheduled in Milan, in the spaces of Fieramilano Rho, from 21 to 23 February. 1,161 exhibitors from 42 countries will present their idea of the future: hybrid, suspended between high craftsmanship and artificial intelligence, referring to the 2024 summer season. The time to make tomorrow bloom is now


Open doors to the future. But to a real future made up not of words and slogans. A future so near that it is already tomorrow and that, precisely for this reason, requires the will to be imagined with the utmost concreteness to make it flourish. Not by chance, Make Tomorrow Bloom is the payoff around which Lineapelle has built the sense and image of its 101st edition. A flower, very bright that is real until you look at it very closely and realise that, instead, it is the result of digital processing.

It is precisely from this suggestion, suspended between high craftsmanship and artificial intelligence, that the idea of the trends that Lineapelle 101 will present aimed at the 2024 summer season, originates. Title: Other People’s Eyes. In short, the time to make tomorrow bloom is now. Let’s start telling you about it by explaining everything you will find at Lineapelle 101 from 21 to 23 February in Milan (Fieramilano Rho).

The time for tomorrow to blossom is now

Lineapelle 101 “will host 1,161 exhibitors,” say the organisers, “from 42 countries (61.7% Italian, 38.3% foreign) occupying a total area of almost 42,500 square metres: 544 tanneries, 403 accessories/components, 164 fabrics and synthetics, 50 companies from other sectors”. The show’s degree of internationality, therefore, “definitively returns to pre-pandemic levels, confirming the international leadership of a show that has experienced two significant international previews in recent weeks. The reference is to Lineapelle London (24 January) and Lineapelle New York, both of which ended with a positive, stimulating and constructive sentiment.

Tomorrow is now, let’s look at it with ‘the eyes of others’

“For the summer season of 2024, the Lineapelle Fashion Committee launches the creative mood entitled Other People’s Eyes – Stories of Transformation. It is based on pictorial suggestions, digital hybridisations generated by Artificial Intelligence and the centrality of the chromatic dimension“. Colours will be the real protagonists: vital, optimistic, almost therapeutic. The stylistic challenge will be to “appropriate the most advanced technologies and techniques for the benefit of man and within nature“.

Wide-ranging themes of great necessity to reconstruct a vision of the future that will be declined by samples and materials also tell of the exhibitors’ daily commitment to developing increasingly circular and traceable products. “All this, as usual, can be touched on in the three Trend Areas located in pavilions 9, 13 and 22; it can be explored in depth during the seminars scheduled at the Fashion Theatre (pavilion 13); it can be discovered in the Metaverse, where LINEAPELLE, since the last edition, has opened a permanent exhibition space”.

The synergies of the present

Lineapelle 101 “will be held in partial concurrence with the Milano Moda Donna fashion shows (scheduled from 21 to 27 February), with Micam, Mipel and TheOne scheduled from 19 to 22 February and with HOMI Fashion&Jewels from 17 to 20 February (Fieramilano Rho). It will also host the new edition of Mipel Lab, an exhibition organised by Assopellettieri and reserved for 10 top Italian leather goods outsourcing companies. Exciting is the development of some exhibition synergies oriented towards ethics and social responsibility in the supply chain.

The first represents a debut. The one of the ‘United Nations programme The Ethical Fashion Initiative, whose objective is to encourage the meeting between international development, creative industries and the fashion and lifestyle sector, offering services, products and development projects for sustainability. Confirmed, finally, is the exhibition presence of the Conscious Planet – Save Soil movement, which sets itself the urgency of denouncing the global crisis due to soil degradation and activating concrete political action to counter it”.

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