Lineapelle opens up a new vision of spaces and environments

Designing and creating material surfaces suitable for spaces and environments, furniture, and real estate. Lineapelle has launched an international brand extension project aimed at the world of design. A new vision of spaces and environments that demonstrates how leather is an ideal material for any creative solution


The starting point is closely related to the most recent transition point. At the end of September 2023, Lineapelle, together with Hyundai Transys (a hub specialising in the development of solutions and components for car interiors, a partner of Hyundai), won an award of the highest calibre. It is called the Red Dot Design Award and is one of the three most important in the world in terms of design, together with the iF DESIGN AWARD and the IDEA (International Design Excellence Award). It won it in the Mobility & Transportation / Design Concept category, thanks to the value of the Shift to Regenerative Mobility project developed by involving the Dani tanning group, Manifattura di Domodossola, ATKO Planning, Dual and D-House by Dyloan.

Starting point, crossing point

The award concludes a journey that began in March 2020 and led to the presentation of a futuristic concept car at Lineapelle (February 2022) and the subsequent Fuorisalone in Milan. Autonomous driving, avant-garde interiors, including ‘a completely innovative seat that uses Italian leather and leather scraps’. These are the two extremes (for now) of a brand extension path that Lineapelle has set in motion to involve designers, architects, and developers of spaces and environments in the world of leather.

A new vision of spaces and environments

Design and creative uniqueness in the creation of material surfaces suitable for spaces, environments, furniture, and real estate. In other words, homes and residential spaces, together with their interiors and the entire outdoor dimension, including automotive. Environments that are the subject of an extraordinary surface transformation experience explore new aesthetic dimensions and are the protagonists of the most current brand extension initiated by luxury brands. A phenomenon that is based on the same creative and design dynamics as the world of clothing and accessories and translates their values into the context of architecture and design. In the face of this new vision of spaces and environments, Lineapelle has built an international project of great scope and high level.

A major international project

The United States. London. South Korea. Lineapelle has set up a networking circuit to share the innovative power of leather with some of the top realities of international architecture. It is “a series of round tables” attended by the creatives and studios that are working in the wake of this contamination. “Moments to listen and share the innovations and creative applications of the world of Italian leather and its countless aesthetic elaborations available to designers and planners”.

In the USA, Lineapelle has activated a partnership with AIA (American Institute of Architects) New York by proposing courses (January and July 2023, the next one is planned for January 2024, also on the occasion of Lineapelle New York) of Leather Creative Professional Learning, thanks to which members of the association receive the training credits required by the American Institute of Architects. At the same time, AIA selected architects from leading American firms to participate in educational tours in Italy. Educational Tours to discover Lineapelle Milan and the world of Italian leather. ” “Lineapelle is a must-visit event for anyone who wants to specify leathers for all luxury industries,” says Lauren Mitus, Material Specialist at the renowned Peter Marino Architect firm in New York. “The fair overloads your senses in the best way with colour, texture, layers, and leathery sounds”.

London experience

Lineapelle has also embarked on a path of professional sharing in London through a series of talks tailored to the needs of groups of British interior and home designers. This led Lineapelle, together with UNIC – Concerie Italiane, to participate as jurors in the exclusive SBID Award held last October. The Society of British & International Interior Design was founded by Vanessa Brady, CEO of SBID, who took part in an educational tour in Italy and gained a lot of insight.

It was an amazing, blooming, inspirational experience, understanding the responsible process in which the Italian leather industry evolved to elevate the creative process of architects and project designers. Inspiration that will continue to develop in the future and that, in the recent past (May 2023), led Lineapelle and UNIC to explain the green and qualitative excellence of Italian leather at Clerkenwell Design Week, a widespread festival of design taking place in London.

Korean innovation

Finally, back to the starting point. To Seoul, where Lineapelle relaunches its design activity started with the Hyundai Transys project and the collaboration with Hongik University. Subject: the development of automotive and electronic design projects that can benefit and add value from the use of Italian leather. An objective pursued by Lineapelle (also) by organising several Innovation Tours in Italy, which involved some Korean delegations. Responsible material choices and sustainable material concerns have become a top priority for Korean automotive brands,’ says Jean Kim, Innovation Consultant at Progetto823.

“Materials are now more important than ever, and designers are assuming greater responsibility for their choices, integrating meaningful stories, high performance, and sustainability factors. The Innovation Tour helped designers shift towards speculative thinking, exploring creative waste reuse along with new design aesthetics.” Winning the Red Dot Design Award demonstrates the value of a project that can be considered a pathfinder: more will come.

In collaboration with Orietta Pellizzari (cross cultural fashion business advisor)