The artisanal pride of luxury is told in these 2 videos 

The artisanal pride of luxury is told in these 2 videos 

While talking about augmented reality and investing “in the digital”, some brands do not miss any opportunity to tell about the wonder of the know-how their accessories come from. As shown by Valentino and Dior

Every day, we get the news that a luxury brand has decided to launch a new digital project. Investments in e-commerce to help bypassing the stress caused by the pandemic and to support sales. The development of apps and services of augmented reality to (virtually) make, for example, made-to-measure shoes. Artificial intelligence to design whole collections. Entering the world of gaming to dress the protagonists of virtual games, as a new frontier of marketing. On the other hand, they share contents aiming to the best product story making. Video contents telling about the craftsmanship of luxury, as in the two cases you find at the links below.

Dior’s artisanal pride

Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s creative mind, highlighted more than once the mastery of the craftsmen who manufacture the accessories of the French label. A savoir faire which is shown in the video below in all of its beauty, telling in just 68 seconds about the construction of the Caro it bag. The bag is totally made in Italy, from leather to manufacturing, including the golden details and a very long and careful series of intermediate passages. According to, calf leather, after being cut, passes through the “quilting phase, which requires as many as 18,000 points and gives birth to the iconic Dior geometric pattern”.

And Valentino’s

In this case, seconds are 90. That’s enough for Valentino to tell, in the second episode of their Mastery Class project, about the 5 working hours required to make a bag for the Roman Stud line. We need to say that this model was created to celebrate 10 years of their Rockstud collection, a real golden goose for Valentino. To watch it, click here