Lineapelle builds a system: exhibiting synergies, creative sharing

Lineapelle is coming back with a physical show in view of a new energy which (also) relies on a few projects and events emphasizing one of the intrinsic characteristics of its identity: to build up, for the industry, opportunities to work together as a system. That applies to Mipel Lab’s exhibiting synergies. Likewise, it applies to creative sharing, a peculiar choice which is bound to enrich the Trend Book exploring winter 2022/23 fashion trends

The Milan fairs, scheduled on September 19-24 (going in order: Micam, Mipel, TheOneMilano, and Lineapelle), have one common denominator, that is, a particularly meaningful hashtag:  #RestartTogether. Since we know, at this point, what the “restart” term means, fortunately, we are now about to focus our attention on the following adverb, which looks extremely meaningful to us.

In fact, fairs are not just restarting together after the darkness brought by the pandemic outbreak (even though it is not behind us yet, at least we are progressively acting appropriately to deal with it). There is something more than that: a number of projects, both internal and external, which aim to meet straight an essential need, that is, to work as a system. Lineapelle, with the projects and events we are going to tell you about in the next few lines, is an example. Such projects and events rest on the aim to develop exhibiting synergies and generate creative sharing spaces.

Mipel Lab’s exhibiting synergies

Lineapelle will be witnessing the debut of Mipel Lab, an innovative project designed and set up in cooperation with Assopellettieri. Lineapelle will host it at Fieramilano Rho, inside the exhibition spaces, on next September 22-24. “Mipel Lab aims to fulfil the industry’s real need for joining forces: today, more than ever, working together as a team is essential,” commented Franco Gabbrielli, president of Assopellettieri.

As pointed out by Fulvia Bacchi, Lineapelle Chief Executive Officer, “this is a high-profile synergic project.” “Such is Mipel Lab primary aim: to tackle and engage the brands that are not playing in Italy at present and provide them with an innovative service to put them in touch with the most suitable manufacturers, who will successfully meet their specific needs,” remarked Gabbrielli.

The following brands will be participating in the first edition: Bric’s, Dimar Group, Mabi International, Most, Metal Studio, P&C, Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo, Rica, Pelletterie Sagi, Sapaf, Tigamaro, Tripel Due, Tivoli Group. In addition to a physical show, Mipel Lab also runs a virtual one, going online throughout the year, built up by Assopellettieri in collaboration with EY and developed with the support of DS Group software house. Besides Mipel Lab, Lineapelle is also present at Micam X, an innovative hub into the footwear fair: here, on September 19-21, they are going to exhibit a selection of leather for summer 2022.

Creative sharing

“Art, design, style – pointed out at Lineapelle – belong to us while we constantly exchange interpretations of the world.” Here we go, then, with something new. Our new Trend Book, which explores all trends recapped in the Imagination & Re-Wonder slogan, “is the outcome of such creative sharing. Thanks to the generosity of some international artists, among the most innovative ones in the contemporary artistic scenario, who agreed to share their own works in this book, a valuable creative capital is due to undoubtedly enrich the fashion trends presentation.”

Studio Roosegaarde, MYSTENDHALSYNDROME by Antonio Patruno Randolfi, Francesca Fini, Willy Verginer, Front Design, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Krista Kim, Karl A. Herrmann, Petrina Hicks, Laura Strambi, Luca Suelzu, and Mokodu Fall are taking part in this sharing experience. One common denominator: “A visionary soul tightly connected to reality. A tool to interpret the present days with new eyes and foresee the future with sensibility and insightfulness.”

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