Ninety-nine times Lineapelle, back with over 950 exhibitors

Over 950 exhibitors (two-thirds of them Italian) from 31 countries, 30% more than the September 2021 edition, the last one held in attendance. Numbers not far from the pre-Covid ones for an edition that marks the return to new normality and launches the trends for the 2023 summer season


The unique flavour of an “expected, safe, market-oriented fair”. Lineapelle (click here to register) is back at Fieramilano Rho from Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th February. Back with its 99th edition and a format close to the one that preceded the pandemic outbreak. It is comparable in numbers (with over 950 exhibitors) in the spaces occupied. The planning of the contents proposes outlining the panorama of what we could almost paradoxically define as the return to a new normality. 

Ninety-nine times Lineapelle

Lineapelle 99 returns to its traditional exhibition halls (9/11, 13/15, 22/24). As stated in a note, “guaranteeing exhibitors and visitors an exhibition experience in maximum safety concerning all anti-Covid protocols”. And that’s not all. Lineapelle 99 “opens its doors, as per the recent approval of a Decree-Law by the Council of Ministers, also to buyers who have not been vaccinated with an EMA vaccine (Sputnik, Sinovac, Soberana, Covaxin) as long as they present a negative buffer, both antigenic (valid for 48 hours) and molecular (valid for 72 hours).

Over 950 exhibitors

More than 950 exhibitors (two-thirds of them Italian) from 31 countries, 30% more than at the September 2021 edition, the last one held in attendance. A number not far from the pre-Covid one. Among these, there are almost 500 tanneries present; over 300 accessory and component manufacturers; 100 fabric and synthetic manufacturers. The economic branch represented by the exhibition sectors,” explains Lineapelle, “between international supply and demand, is worth 150 billion dollars and employs about one and a half million people. Italian exhibitors as a whole make about 8 billion euros a year, 70% of which comes from exports”.

Avant-garde style

The protagonist of Lineapelle 99, from a stylistic point of view, is the summer season 2023. The reference theme, developed by its Fashion Committee: Beautiful & Fragile and will be explored in depth at the Fashion Theatre (hall 15) during the regular free entrance seminars (22nd and 23rd February: 11 a.m. in Italian, 2.30 p.m. in English). More than 1,000 samples will enrich the 3 Trend Areas (pavilions 9,13, 22) of a fair that, also in this edition, confirms its avant-garde stylistic vision.

“For the fashion and luxury industry, LINEAPELLE is not only the most important trade fair in the world from a commercial point of view – comments CEO Fulvia Bacchi – it has always represented the stylistic outpost for leather, fashion materials, accessories and components, offering suggestions and stylistic stimuli a season ahead of the finished product. Also, from this point of view, LINEAPELLE plays a fundamental role for its entire community. An even more strategic role today, in this phase of restarting that requires caution, but also a great creative drive”.

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