The charge of 715: present and future start again at Lineapelle

Lineapelle, the world’s leading exhibition supplying the global fashion, luxury and design industry is back in attendance. It sends out a concrete signal of positivity and strongly invites, as the fashion trends designed for winter 2022/2023 say, to rediscover wonder

The number to bear in mind is 715. These are the exhibitors of the edition celebrating the restart of Lineapelle, expected at Fieramilano Rho on September 22-24. 715 companies from 24 countries that are not giving up the fight. They want to take back their present and future. They believe in the need, after so much virtuality (as necessary as it is obligatory) to bring business back to a tactile and (more) human dimension. Something, therefore, that sounds like the will to regain a dimension that, from a stylistic point of view, Lineapelle has summed up in the claim that identifies the trends studied for winter 2022/23: Imagination & Re-Wonder.

Present and future start again from Lineapelle

Welcome back to LIneapelle. The reference exhibition for those who have to develop the research of materials destined to the manufacturing industry of fashion, accessories, design, and automotive comes back to Fieramilano Rho with the highest security, reserving the access only to Green Pass holders (to read the full Lineapelle anti-Covid Protocol click here).

It will close the train of Milanese trade fair events united by the hashtag #RestartTogether (Micam, Mipel, TheOneMilano, on the agenda on September 19-21). And it confirms the “concrete and challenging exhibition project that adopts (as in September 2020) the simplified formula of unified stands”. “There are many expectations for this edition,” comments Lineapelle CEO Fulvia Bacchi, “which to date has already registered a good number of accreditations from buyers, including international ones. In these pandemic months, the companies present at LINEAPELLE have continued to work on the development of products in terms of their creative content, but above all, environmentally more and more sustainable”.

Rediscovered wonder

Stylistically, the upcoming edition of Lineapelle presents the winter season 2022-2023. Mood: “Imagination & Re-Wonder”. Objective: “To rediscover wonder, leaving the helm to imagination and experimentation, with the spontaneous consequence of starting a process of creative revival. A search for positivity that intercepts naturalness and technology, reassuring colours and materials capable of expressing their innovative charge in a futuristic way. Starting with leather and its infinite possibilities of development, combination and experimentation. Possible worlds take shape and colour in a sparkling whirlwind of escape from reality. A journey that takes us back to the starting point with a new energy, almost a super visionary power over tomorrow. Creativity is hyperactive and open source. It follows a global flow of sharing of which we are all a part. Art, design, style belong to us in a continuous exchange of interpretations of the world. In other words: let’s re-enchant and be re-enchanted.

Formative note

Speaking of the future. Confirming its educational focus on training tomorrow’s designers, the World Leather Contest awards ceremony will take place during the fair. Namely, the creative contest promoted in Italy by Lineapelle in collaboration with UNIC – Italian Tanneries on the theme “Real Leather. Stay Different”. Students from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Polimoda in Florence and Accademia Costume & Moda in Rome took part in the project. The finalists’ creations will be exhibited at the fair.

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