The return of the fashion shows and their creative explosion

Milan (especially) and Paris brought back to the fashion shows a conceptual stylistic ferment that reassured and seemed to have stimulated the interest of buyers. All colours count, an idea of absolute luxury and the courage of transversality are winning. And at a time like the present, all this is oxygen

The September round of women’s fashion shows concluded by celebrating a return to presence that was astonishing for its creative and conceptual explosion. A ferment that has taken root in the widespread awareness that seasons no longer really exist. All colours apply, the idea of absolute luxury dominates, the courage of transversality is widespread, and materials are played with, starting with leather. In a context where the only rule is that there is no rule, those who take themselves too seriously seem lost. In the face of this panorama, therefore, words are of little use. It’s better to let yourself be won over by the images in the gallery below. Or, following the path that we trace in the next few lines, let us be guided between Milan and Paris by the in-depth articles published by the portal.



The top of Milan

Watchword: no-season. Summer is an explosion of colours, but also an immersion in dark, dense tones. The return to presence celebrated by Milan Fashion Week (21 > 27 September 2021) consecrates the rule of having no rules. As demonstrated by the materials used by the brands, among which (in abundance of quantity and variety) is leather. Here, then, are 5 best leather items for the 2022 summer season that emerged at MFW: you can discover them by clicking here.

The best of Paris

What will we remember about the Paris women’s fashion shows held from 27 September to 5 October 2021? Probably, or rather definitely, the Balenciaga event and the concluding tribute to Alber Elbaz. But, also, the 5 “best of” for Spring-Summer 2022 that you can find by clicking here.



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