What does it mean if fairs and fashion shows start off like a bomb again

Milan restarts in presence with the fairs: Lineapelle, Micam, Mipel, TheOne, Simac Tanning Tech and, even before, the Supersalone. And it goes up on the Fashion Week’s runway. The market responds to the return in attendance by crowding every event with enthusiasm and generating positive and, perhaps, unexpected vibrations

A success that everyone hoped (and that we hoped) to witness. An important signal. A collection of good vibrations that, while not solving anything of the current globalized unease, sends a precise signal. In other words: the fashion and design supply chain is here, it couldn’t wait to get back in attendance and celebrated this desire in the best possible way. Crowding fairs and fashion shows that marked the September calendar taking root, in particular, in Milan. But extending this positivity also to subsequent events. As the Parisian fashion week did. Or the salons (which ended with very interesting results) that the Italian shoe organizes in October in Ukraine, Kazakhstan (La Moda Italiana @Almaty and @Kiev) and Russia (Obuv).
In short, it could have been much worse.
Instead, it went better than ever.

Let’s get down to business with fairs and fashion shows

Especially Milan. The physical revival of fashion and its supply chain has been celebrated and certified by the events in Milan to the point that recognition of this ferment has even come from New York. In particular, from the editorial staff of a newspaper that has always tried to crucify the Italian fashion system and its protagonists.

This time, however, the first fashion designer for the New York Times, Vanessa Friedman, was not indifferent to the Milanese enthusiasm. And, praising the development of Milan Fashion Week (well organized, well focused), it raised the ranking of the Lombard metropolis in the context of the international fashion capitals. A context that can show off, in terms of display, of a system of salons capable of expressing an inestimable value: the one moving along the entire arc of the fashion and luxury chain.




From 19 to 24 September last, the pavilions of Fieramilano Rho were the scene of the exhibition synergy of #RestartTogether. A project that has lined up Micam, Mipel, TheOne, Lineapelle. Simac Tanning Tech was also held concurrently and contiguously with the latter. Result, filtered through the logistical difficulties imposed globally by the pandemic: over 33,000 visitors. To which are added the 60,000 or more who flocked to the Supersalone of design at the beginning of September.

The world of Lineapelle

There was a world suspended above the Lineapelle Trend Area. It was part of the staging of its latest edition, held from 22 to 24 September 2021 at Fieramilano Rho. A “world” that has arrived from over 70 countries, looking for incentive and solutions for the 2022/2023 winter season. “Very significant – comment from Lineapelle – is the panorama of the origins of visitors, on which the international restrictions due to the management of the pandemic weighed.

In the top ten are Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. But non-EU countries (such as Switzerland and Turkey) also appear along with the United States. There was no shortage of representatives from major manufacturing countries (China, Brazil and Vietnam) and buyers from strategic markets such as the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates and Japan”. “A turnout that we never imagined could reach these levels – says the president of the trade fair centre, Gianni Russo -. This gives us hope for a return to normality”.

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