Luxury and the desire for art applied to craftsmanship 

The common denominator is the fact that, once produced and put on sale, strictly in limited editions, they sell out in a flash. These are the projects, for example those of Vuitton and Dior, that express all the brands’ desire for art(but not only), applying it in particular to leather accessories

Art is inherent in the concept, as well as in the etymology, of the word ‘artisanship‘. It is so inherent that, in recent years, the mixture between the professional artist and those who are ‘masters of craftsmanship‘, i.e. artisans, has evolved and reached new levels. We’re not talking about hand-decorating a bag with brushstrokes or customising a trainer by tattooing the upper part. More and more often, fashion brands are turning to artists to reinterpret an iconic and successful bag. This results in creative projects that are repeated over the years and manage to combine the artistic profile with business. Because, obviously, this desire for art applied to high-end craftsmanship generates inevitable and (almost) instant sell-outs.

Desire for art applied to craftsmanship

The aim of the brands that have launched these projects is not only to create unique pieces to be sold at auction or kept as collectors’ memorabilia. It is (also) to create limited edition collections that continue to sell out undaunted. There are two “symbolic initiatives” in all this. Those conceived by Dior and Louis Vuitton. With an all-Italian appendix concerning Demanumea project.

Louis Vuitton and Artycapucines

At the beginning of September, Vuitton released images of the third edition of the Artycapucines project. Namely, the one by which it offers selected artists to freely interpret the Capucines bag. A model so iconic that it is dedicated to rue des Capucines, the Parisian street where Louis Vuitton opened its first shop in 1854.

Lady Art by Dior

Dior‘s Lady Art project is now in its fifth year at the end of 2020. Once again, artists from all over the world are given the task of reinterpreting the iconic Lady Dior bag.


Lady Art

The Italian case of Demanumea

In Italy, the brand Demanumea brags about being the only company in the world that designs, creates and produces bags and accessories conceived as works of art. In other words: paintings, sculptures and jewellery on leather made by painters, sculptors, engravers and goldsmiths.


Il lusso e quella voglia di arte applicata all’artigianato 


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