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The latest edition of Lineapelle inaugurated a new project. The one at A New Point of Materials. A practical and conceptual challenge that has put of leathers, materials, processes and technologies critically. Analyzing them in the light of the concept of “responsible innovation” in the spotlight.. Now everything that happened at Fieramilano Rho from 22 to 24 September 2021 you can (re) discover and see again on demand by reading this article. Discovering how the project has already made its first evolutionary leap, landing in New York

 An absolute debut. In its own way, a practical and conceptual challenge. Within the latest edition of Lineapelle, A New Point of Materials made its debut. Those who were at the fair know perfectly well what we are talking about. Just as it will have been able to personally experience the interest and success of this initiative which not only showcased “new generation leathers, materials and technologies, presenting them through the story of their entire production process”.

The winning debut of A New Point of Materials

Around them, in fact, Lineapelle has built a stimulating narrative of events, debates and live performances capable of taking on an extremely burning issue, that of the so-called “alternative materials”, giving them an evolutionary reading of great relevance and usefulness. All this in the light of a concept that pushes sustainability beyond what has become its empty banality. Here, then, that guiding every step of the new Lineapelle hub (organized in collaboration with D-house by Dyloan (Urban Laboratory), C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy) and the consultation of Orietta Pelizzari, was the “new” common denominator of responsible innovation.

A library in progress

A New Point of Materials involved those who attended the fair with its dimension (also) as a library in progress that collected, presented and explained “a fine selection of leathers and materials characterized by an evolved and evolutionary green content, telling them all along the arc of their production cycle. It did so, starting from the strategic choices of each company in relation to the theme of responsible innovation which, then, are transformed into performing products capable of satisfying a new generation of values ​​”.



All content on demand

To (re) discover and see again all the contents of A New Point of Materials just follow the very simple path that we will present in the next lines.
If you want to know all the protagonists, who participated in the new Lineapelle project (together with their materials) click here.
If, on the other hand, you want to access the video archive of all A New Point of Materials talks, click here . Access is free and on demand.

The landing in New York

The first evolutionary leap of A New Point of Materials was almost immediate. One month after Lineapelle closed, on 20 October, the launch of ReClothe, a platform created by Fashion 4 Development together with C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub, took place yesterday in New York. ReClothe “is configured as a catalyst for skills across all fashion supply chains”, explains Giusy Bettoni, CEO of C.L.A.S.S. In other words, it is a center of expertise that “wants to inform and educate professionals of the fashion system and students in relation to the new generation of green values”. Values ​​such as circularity (the real one) and, by extension, as “responsible innovation”. And here, A New Point of Materials comes into play.

Strategic importance

Strengthened by the Milan recent experience, “we thought it was important and strategic – explains Lineapelle CEO, Fulvia Bacchi – to take advantage of the opportunity to be present in New York with this far-reaching and topical project. An importance increased by the fact that, for reasons related to the pandemic, we are not able to organize our Lineapelle New York fair yet”. So, the launch of ReClothe was enriched by the presence of A New Point of Materials, thanks also to the active participation of the Italian Culture Institute of New York, which hosted for three days, in its rooms, the exhibition of the leathers and innovative and responsible materials that were the protagonists of the project debuted at Lineapelle.

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