The itinerant responsible innovation of A New Point of Materials

A New Point of Materials the project launched by Lineapelle during its last edition (September 2021) arrives on 7 December at the Italian Embassy in Paris and then becomes a roadshow. Next steps in January 2022: New York and Los Angeles


We left off in New York. Now we are flying to Paris. The responsible innovation of A New Point of Materials structurally enters its dimension of a global travelling event. A roadshow in its own right. The project launched by Lineapelle during its last edition (September 2021) therefore strengthens its identity and proposes itself as the guardian of a new definition of sustainability. More concrete and less marketing-oriented. More constructive and less conflictual, replacing the tussle of superficial comparisons with a realistic and verifiable analysis of the quality of leathers, materials and technologies according to a new model of approach. One linked to the concept of responsible innovation.

A New Point of Materials flies to Paris

The date is Tuesday 7 December 2021. The venue for the Paris leg of A New Point Of Materials will be the Italian Embassy. Here, as Lineapelle explains in a note, the presentation of the “exploratory path that critically examines a careful selection of new generation materials and leathers, characterised by an evolutionary and high profile green content” will be staged. A real project of discovery and in-depth analysis of leathers, new materials and accessories in which technology, craftsmanship, tradition and avant-garde are added to their concrete and verifiable innovative and responsible value”.

We were left behind in New York

A New Point Of Materials arrives in Paris after the high-level outing held in New York from 18 to 22 October. Here the Lineapelle project was an integral part of the launch of ReClothe, a platform created by Fashion 4 Development with C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub. An event that enabled the activation of a series of very significant contacts. In particular, those arising from the related participation in the Sustainable Goals Banquet (also organised by Fashion 4 Development) in the presence of a very high-profile and transversal audience. Any names? For example, Abdulla Shahid (President of the United Nations General Assembly) and Maurizio Massari (Italian Ambassador to the United Nations).

A roadshow in its own right

From Paris, the format gains the momentum to become a roadshow in its own right. It will return to the United States in January 2022. First, to be hosted at Lineapelle New York (Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan, 26-27 January), then to Los Angeles. Finally, it will land in Italy, in Milan, on the occasion of the “next edition” of Lineapelle, scheduled from 22 to 24 February 2022 at Fieramilano Rho. Here, A New Point Of Materials will present the evolution of its format, putting the spotlight on new experiences, projects and materials that have made responsible innovation the driving force behind their continuous improvement”.

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