Tree rings for the Back to the Next of Lineapelle 100 

An important goal, but at the same time an important starting point. Next September, Lineapelle cuts the 100th edition ribbon and celebrates itself by giving voice and space to its green projects


They are called ‘growth rings‘. We are all familiar with them. We see them every time we look at the cut trunk of a tree. Wikipedia explains that “they are a tissue formed by the periodic activity of a tree’s cambium, which produces a series of concentric rings around the pith, clearly visible in the cross-section of the trunk”. Each year, one ring. The image and meaning of the next edition of Lineapelle are born from their representation, which is a fundamental goal and, at the same time, an equally significant starting point.

The essential business experience for the fashion and luxury supply chain will celebrate (at Fieramilano Rho) its 100th edition from 20 to 22 September 2022. And it is precisely the trunk of a tree with its growth rings that have been chosen as the image to testify to its Back to the Next: in other words, starting again from itself and its design heritage to go beyond itself.

Back to the Next at Lineapelle

100 editions. 100 growth rings. This is the equivalence that describes Lineapelle’s innovative vision. “In the image of the concentric signs of a tree trunk, we recognize the symbols of a solid naturalness and the metaphor of a circularity that has always represented the status quo of leather, Lineapelle’s core product. The slogan Back To The Next, on the other hand, gives voice to the deeper identity of the fair and its evolutionary approach”. A mission that, in its progressive movement along the axis of 100 editions, has “respected its tradition without ever ceasing to explore new horizons”. Horizons are increasingly green across the board, as demonstrated by the projects presented in the 99th edition in February 2022.

100 editions of the future

Gianni Russo, President of Lineapelle, comments: “Next September, we will reach the significant goal of 100 editions. We hope that this will represent a return to newfound normality. These 100 editions have taught us a lot, including how to build our future with constancy and continuity. The future of Lineapelle, its exhibitors, and visitors. But also the future of the entire supply chain revolves around our fair”.

Synergy system

Lineapelle 100 will systematically emphasise the strategic importance of developing fair trade synergies. For example, with Simac Tanning Tech. The exhibition of technologies for the tanning, footwear, and leather goods industry will be held in the halls of Fieramilano Rho at the same time as Lineapelle. The synergy between exhibitions,” comments Maria Vittoria Brustia, president of Simac Tanning Tech, “is a unique and winning platform for the entire supply chain at the international level.

A platform “where technology plays a fundamental role in proposing and implementing innovative solutions with competence and quality. A story of excellence based, now more than ever, on the contribution to the enhancement of sustainability in manufacturing processes“. Lineapelle 100 will also take place in partial concurrence with MicamMipelTheOneMilano , and the women’s fashion shows of Milan Fashion Week. And that’s not all. From 18 to 20 September 2022, Vicenza will also host the third edition of the IULTCS Eurocongress (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies) organised by AICC (Italian Leather Chemists Association)”.

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