Lineapelle, its 1,330 exhibitors and an ambitious goal

Fieramilano Rho returns to host the “fundamental exhibition platform capable of defining the horizons of the global fashion, luxury and design supply chain”. The goal is ambitious and represents a challenge that is renewed with every edition


Lineapelle returns to Fieramilano Rho from 19 to 21 September, presenting itself as the “fundamental exhibition platform capable of defining the horizons of the global fashion, luxury and design supply chain”. This is the starting point for our account of what will happen during the three days of its 102nd edition.

Lineapelle and its 1,330 exhibitors

Lineapelle 102, we read in a note, “proposes a trade fair experience renewed in its ability to explore the future of the market and style, enhance craftsmanship and explore the new frontiers of responsible and sustainable innovation in depth. There will be 1,330 exhibitors arriving from 47 countries for an expected “25,000 visitors from all over the world. In particular, from neuralgic markets for fashion & luxury manufacturing and consumption: the United States, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, China, South Korea, Japan”.

The near future of fashion

“Going beyond and redefining one’s nature and transforming oneself. These are, in a nutshell, the creative inputs for winter 2024/2025‘. They are contained in the Metamorphosis concept and are illuminated, “in the true sense of the word, with the graphics chosen to communicate this new evolution. A yellow dot supported by three words – Everything, Everywhere, Everytime – by the hashtag #doyouthinkyellow“. It invites “maximum mental openness towards contamination and experimentation, and to activate creative paths without limits”. Limits beyond which one wants to go with Autumn-Winter 2024-25 trends.

“It will be a season under the banner of naturalness and hyper-technical research, leaning towards the future,” writes Lineapelle—the result: evolving materials, new and surprising shapes. Colours play with opposites and express calm confidence, vision, research, and exploration. Digital flashes awaken familiar atmospheres and reassuring colour harmonies. Research and sustainability characterise creativity. Low-tech and hi-tech meet in games of reliefs, constructions and illusions in volumes, effects and textures that make the digital prints three-dimensional and recall craftsmanship. Solutions with a view to no waste and circularity are being experimented with, as in accessories. The trends will be present in the TREND AREA of HALLS. 9/11 -13/15 e 22/24.

Everything that will happen at the fair, part one

The Lineapelle Designers Edition will return at the Spazio Lineapelle in Piazza Tomasi di Lampedusa in Milan from 21 to 25 September. Here will take place “the presentation of the creative project Era una Sirena conceived by fashion designer Alessandro Enriquez. At the fair, on the other hand, there will be 5 fashion shows (HALL 24 – T29) during its three days that will put the leather material in the spotlight. The fashion shows will be held in order: Francesca Liberatore and Mario Dice (Tuesday, 19 September); Anton Giulio Grande and Cassel (Wednesday, 20 September); Yezael by Angelo Cruciani (Thursday, 21 September)”.

The value and excellence of craftsmanship will be the protagonists of In The Making (HALL 24 – N13), a multidisciplinary and interconnected space developed in collaboration with Giorgio Linea. Here, the Lineapelle community “will be able to directly experience the highest declination of Italian savoir-faire related to the use of leather”.

“The need for responsible innovation will be the subject of the Science Based Fashion Talks (Ponte dei Mari – LEM3) organised in collaboration with SPIN360. A three-day event of presentations, debates and thematic comparisons between more than 30 high-profile speakers launches the challenge to design new, sustainable and innovative supply chain scenarios”.

Everything that will happen at the fair, part two

Lineapelle 102 will open, as in every edition, “the doors to some of the most prestigious international fashion institutes, allowing their students to present creations and prototypes. The relationship between the common imaginary, shoes and the accessories/components that make it up will be the protagonist of the Star Stories project, “a Movie Lounge within which to walk through time and the world of cinema discovering footwear models that have made history.

Lineapelle 102 will also be the stage for an unexpected combination with the art of haute cuisine. The 4 Tastes gastronomic project will be presented at the fair (HALL 24 – N19), where it will be possible to discover and taste the wonder of the wandering cuisine created by chef Carmelo Chiaramonte.

Finally, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the publication of the first issue, dated August 1893, the trade magazine La Conceria will set up its editorial staff at the fair (HALL 11 – A1), entering into the heart of the supply chain of which it has become the most authoritative voice.


Lineapelle 102 remains “at the centre of an exhibition system based on the partial concurrence with the other supply chain fairs (Micam, Mipel, and TheOneMilano: 17 to 20 September) and on the complete concurrence with the exhibition dedicated to Simac Tanning Tech. The presence of MIPEL Lab (an exhibition dedicated to the excellence of Italian leather outsourcing) is confirmed. “Strategic synergies,” they conclude from Lineapelle, “further enhanced by the concomitance also with UITIC, the international footwear congress staged between Vigevano and Milan from 19 to 22 September.

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